Back Pain in Austin, TX

Back Pain in Austin, TX

Back pain is probably the single biggest reason people choose North Lamar Chiropractic. Dr. Joseph H Lones III, DC, our chiropractor in North Lamar, has spent years of schooling studying the spine and neck area and how chiropractic care can provide pain relief to those, and other areas of the body. Why shouldn’t you choose North Lamar Chiropractic as your chiropractor for back pain in Austin, TX?

The Experience of Our Austin Chiropractor

In 1984, Dr. Joseph H Lones III, DC began practicing at North Lamar Chiropractic after years of schooling and postgraduate education. He continued his education and certifications as the years continued and took ownership of the center in 1994. The combination of his extensive education and real-life experience works to serve in you search back pain relief. Dr. Joseph H Lones III, DC fully understands the complexities of the neuromuscular system and is the Austin chiropractor who treats the whole person.

Causes of Back Pain

There are three general causes of back pain.

  • Trauma. Trauma can come from a variety of causes like a car accident, sports injury or an at work injury. Trauma can cause damage to the spine, getting it out alignment. Chiropractic care can restore that alignment, promoting long-term, natural healing and pain relief.
  • Degeneration. Degeneration mostly occurs due to age. As we age, vertebrae may not be as well supported by discs in the back. Poor posture or poor work ergonomics can also promote degeneration. Appropriate chiropractic care, like traction, can relieve the pressure on discs and help them restore their cushioning qualities.
  • Disease. Back pain can also be the result of diseases like arthritis or cancer. This is why it is so critical to discover the source of the back pain so it can be treated with proper care.

By treating back pain at its core, your chiropractor in Austin works toward getting you to a state of wellness. Pain, after all, is a signal there is something wrong. We work to treat the problem that is causing the pain, rather than masking it with medication.

How Your North Lamar Chiropractor Treats Back Pain

Dr. Joseph H Lones III, DC, your North Lamar chiropractor treats back pain using a variety of modalities. They include chiropractic adjustments to re-establish the connections between nerves, muscles and the spine. We often prescribe massage therapy to help promote healing and to work in conjunction with our chiropractic adjustments. Along with our traditional chiropractic care, we provide other physical medicine procedures, traction, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, exercise, and nutritional advice. We will prescribe a treatment plan specifically to address the causes of your back pain.

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There is no need to suffer from back pain. Find long-lasting pain relief by making your initial appointment with North Lamar Chiropractic today. Call us at 512-835-1955 to get started. We’ll look to find the cause of your back pain and work to eliminate it. North Lamar Chiropractic accepts new patients from Austin, Pflugerville, North Lamar, and the entire region at our offices at 10102 North Lamar Blvd. In Austin, TX.