As your source for chiropractic care in Austin, TX, we treat a variety of conditions. Our chiropractic techniques are designed to help the body heal from injuries and maintain better health overall. By improving the curve and alignment of the spine, our chiropractor can help your body perform better, fight off illness more effectively, avoid injury and experience less pain. We also work with patients to help them live healthy lives and maintain good habits that can improve their quality of life.

Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accident injuries can lead to a herniated disc, whiplash, concussion, seat belt injury and more. Often patients who experience auto accident injuries don’t realize that they’ve been injured until days or even weeks after the accident occurs. We offer fast diagnosis and all natural treatment, without use of addictive medications and invasive procedures. Using spinal adjustment, physical therapy, stretches and exercises, we can help patients recover from their injuries efficiently.

Chronic Conditions

Many of our patients come to us experiencing chronic conditions such as spinal stenosis, arthritis, spondylosis and others. Patients who live with chronic pain can easily become addicted to pain medications, or may simply live with reduced quality of life. Our treatments involve no pain medications. We teach patients how to manage their pain. Using stretches and exercises, massage therapy and lifestyle advice, we can help patients stay active and reduce their symptoms over time.

Ergonomic Injuries

Maintaining a neutral posture at work and at home is important. Patients who sit or stand in un-ergonomic positions for hours a day put strain on their back, neck, joints, muscles and other parts of the body. This can lead to injury, chronic pain and other problems. We help patients suffering from ergonomic injury with techniques like massage therapy, spinal adjustment and lifestyle advice. By soothing tense muscles and by teaching patients how to conduct daily life without putting strain on the body, we can help patients avoid future pain and injuries.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems experienced by adults in Austin, TX. Back pain can have a variety of causes, all of which may be treated differently. Car accident injuries, ergonomic trouble, personal injury, occupational injury and chronic conditions can all cause back pain. We help patients identify the source of their back pain and use a variety of techniques to treat the pain. From spinal adjustment to nutrition counseling, we help patients treat back pain at its source.

Neck Pain

With the condition known as “text neck” on the rise, neck pain is becoming a more frequent among patients. We treat neck pain with a variety techniques including massage therapy, lifestyle advice and spinal adjustment.

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