If you are struggling with neck pain, we encourage you to find pain relief with our chiropractor in North Lamar. Our treatment options are natural, holistic and gentle so there is no better time to let go of your neck pain and return to an active, enjoyable life. If your neck pain is preventing you from working or if you reach for pain relievers throughout the day just to manage the pain, North Lamar Chiropractic is here to show you a more efficient and lasting remedy for your neck pain. Dr. Joseph H Lones III, DC uses chiropractic care to provide neck pain relief. Our North Lamar chiropractor welcomes local residents and those living in the Austin and Plugerville areas to seek our alternative neck pain treatment options. Dr. Joseph H Lones III, DC seeks to find the reasons for your neck pain. This provides a basis for your chiropractic care program. Our goal is to eliminate the cause instead of covering up your symptoms. As a result, your pain is lessened immediately and you feel lasting benefits as your care continues.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Neck Pain Relief with our Austin Chiropractor

Our Austin chiropractor uses gentle chiropractic adjustments to provide neck pain relief. If you are seeking relief or pain management for neck pain following an auto accident injury, we encourage you to call us as soon as possible. Dr. Joseph H Lones III, DC recommends immediate treatment for injuries such as whiplash to avoid lasting concerns. The sooner your injury is evaluated and chiropractic care begins, the less likely you are to struggle with healing. Chiropractic adjustments position the vertebrae of your neck into proper alignment. This means that any vertebrae that have slipped out of place and are currently pressing on nerves or interfering with your mobility, have now returned to a smoother alignment. You feel pain relief after the first adjustment, but will need consistent treatment to retrain your neck. Our chiropractor in Austin combines chiropractic adjustments with other treatments to alleviate your neck pain. Some of the services included in your neck pain treatment plan may include:

  • Corrective exercises- if your neck was injured or you are struggling with years of poor posture, our chiropractor in Austin teaches you exercises to reestablish balance in your neck. Our health team shows you how to strengthen the muscles that support a healthy posture. We also show you ways to stretch your neck to provide pain relief.
  • Nutritional and lifestyle guidance- some foods and activities may increase your pain. Our Pflugerville chiropractor educates you on which foods to consume, ones to avoid and ways to arrange your daily habits to reduce neck pain.
  • Massage therapy- our North Lamar chiropractor may suggest massage therapy to decrease muscle tension that contributes to neck pain.
  • Physical Medicine Procedures – Ultrasound, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Heat, Diathermy, Cold therapy, traction. (Increase blood flow, reduces inflammation, reduces muscle tension, and muscle spasm, reduces pains and discomfort)

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Dr. Joseph H Lones III, DC and the team at North Lamar Chiropractic want you to be pain free today. The sooner you contact us to begin your treatments with our Pflugerville chiropractor, the sooner you return to pain-free living. To schedule your appointment, please call us today at 512-835-1955.