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DOT Drug Testing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About DOT Drug Testing at North Lamar Chiropractic

When you consider the number of traffic fatalities and injuries that occur on the roads each year, you can readily understand the need for drug testing among employers of commercial drivers. But what do employers need to know about this procedure, and how can North Lamar Chiropractic help? Let's look at some frequently asked questions about DOT drug testing.

Man Passed his DOT Drug Testing.

  • When does drug testing of commercial drivers occur? Commercial drivers may undergo drug. testing before hiring, after an accident, on suspicion of on-the-job drug use, or even at random intervals
  • Which organizations are required to comply with DOT drug testing rules and regulations? Any organization that uses professional drivers and vehicles as part of its operations needs to comply with DOT drug testing regulations. This includes everything from courier cars and 18-wheelers to school buses.
  • How do employers maintain compliance and report their work to the DOT? Employers must report the results of their drug testing efforts on documents called MIS Data Collection Forms.
  • How can your Austin chiropractor help organizations with their DOT drug testing needs? Our Austin chiropractor can run a number of tests to check for controlled substances in your employees. We can even make certain you fill out the resulting data in the MIS forms completely and accurately for timely, efficient compliance.
  • Which substances can our clinic test for? We can provide results for alcohol testing within 72 to 80 hours. We are also able to test for amphetamine (including methamphetamine), PCP, cocaine, barbiturates, and a wide range of opiate drugs.
  • Are "club drugs" counted in the test results? Yes, our clinic can also test for popular "club drugs." Our testing methods can reveal the presence of Ecstacy, XTC, and MDMA.
  • How do you test for drug use? We can test for the presence of alcohol in the saliva or breath. Drugs can be detected by running tests on saliva, hair follicles, and urine samples.
  • What does our organization need to do to take advantage of this service? If you're not sure how to move forward with your DOT drug testing responsibilities and procedures, feel free to contact North Lamar Chiropractic. We will be happy to advise you on the proper course of action and arrange for the necessary testing.

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It's no coincidence that industries with the highest occupational injury rates also have the highest rates of substance abuse -- and when those problems hit the road, tragedy can result. Take a big step toward protecting your team, your organization, and the general public.

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