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DOT Drug Testing Procedures

Your Trusted Chiropractor in Austin Now Offers DOT Drug Testing

As your local chiropractor in Austin, we strive to meet the many needs of our patients. Whether you’re interested in our non-invasive and prescription drug-free holistic chiropractic care treatment or you need to find a safe, comfortable and affordable location for DOT drug testing, our friendly team is here to help!

Everything You Need to Know About DOT Drug Testing Procedures

The Department of Transportation or DOT has put in place drug testing standards and guidelines that each employee is required to follow. Before they recruit a new employee, the DOT will screen individuals for any drug or alcohol abuse. The procedures of these drug screenings are guided by DOT standards and are mandatory for all organizations.

Procedures Involved in DOT Drug Tests

All new employees and current employees may be subject to new hire and random drug testing. To screen employees for drug or alcohol abuse, urine samples are collected by an authorized DOT agency like North Lamar Chiropractic and then sent to a laboratory.

Special collection kits must be used when screening DOT employees. Each urine kit must be used in strict compliance with DOT regulations at a separate collection site. Often, collection sites will be situated outside of the office premises. While employees may be able to choose the independent collection site that they feel comfortable with, it is often difficult to know where to go.

Because the collection process is governed by such strict guidelines and your future employment is on the line, we believe it is very important to complete your DOT drug testing at a facility you can trust. At North Lamar Chiropractic, we work hard to ensure that each test is completed in a safe and controlled environment. We understand that the strict DOT procedures and guidelines must be followed to make sure your urine sample is handled with care.

Proper Forms

A Custody and Control Form or CFF should be issued to accurately document the urine collection process. The CFF must be completed properly and cannot be revised or modified in any way by the collector. Details including the employee name, telephone number, address, and employer contact information should be included on the CFF.

Refusal to Test

If an employee fails to show up for a scheduled urine test or they fail to take the test within a certain time frame, this may be seen as a refusal to complete the drug test.

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