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Types of DOT Drug Testing

North Lamar Chiropractic – Your DOT Drug Test Chiropractor in Austin

If you are in need of a DOT drug test, our fast and efficient team is here to help! With a dedication to providing professional, accurate, confidential and affordable drug testing —we hope to help our community in a variety of different ways.

Types of DOT Drug Testing Available in Austin

Many people are familiar with drug testing when applying for a job but the thought of heading out to a random health center to complete that testing can be very uncomfortable. In addition to feeling uncomfortable, it is hard to know whether proper protocol and rules will be followed. This could affect your chances of getting hired and for DOT employees, who may be subject to random drug testing, your job is on the line.

At North Lamar Chiropractic, we strive to handle each one of our DOT drug test patients with the same level of respect and care that we treat our chiropractic care patients. To better meet the needs of our community, we offer several different types of DOT drug tests, including:


The DOT requires all employees to have a negative drug test on file before they can legally operate a vehicle.

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

DOT employers are required to conduct random and/or unannounced drug and alcohol tests to help identify any current substance abusers in their employment.

Post-Accident Testing

If you are involved in an incident on the job, a DOT drug test must be completed as soon as possible. This may include any employees who were injured and those who were responsible for performing safety-sensitive functions.

Reasonable Suspicion

If a Dot employer has reasonable suspicion that an employee may be misusing controlled substances, they can require drug testing to be completed. Reasonable suspicions may include certain behaviors, speech issues or body odors emanating from a driver and more.

Return to Duty Testing

If an employee has previously had issues with drugs and/or alcohol but is invaluable to the company, they may be required to complete return to duty testing before they can be welcomed back to work after an absence.

Follow Up Tests

If an employee has returned to duty after previously being let go due to substance abuse related issues, they will be subject to a minimum of 6 follow up tests during their first year back on the job.

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